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  • Publicado : 5 de enero de 2012
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Oceanspace CloudStor DCS

Huawei Symantec Oceanspace Data Center Storage (DCS) is an container-form IDC product that incorporates the facilities of power distribution, environment monitoring,cooling, rack, cabling, firefighting, and safety. The DCS employs a modular design, and is therefore quick, easy, and flexible to deploy. WEquipped with superior high-density and energy-efficientfeatures, the DCS significantly decreases the construction cost and operating expense (OPEX).

Product Features
Quick Deployment
■ Uniform management: All DCS infrastructures are uniformly monitored andmanaged. Alarms are generated in the form of emails, SMS, and audio-visual warnings, decreasing operation and maintenance costs. ■ Environment-oriented configuration: The DCS configuration variesaccording to the external climate environment for better adaptability, improving the reliability and availability of the DCS. ■ Mature service solution: In the container, various service units can bedeployed, such as units of online storage and backup services, operable disaster recovery service units, virtual computing service units, and video monitoring service units. The service units comepreconfigured and are plug-and-play. ■ Modular design: The DCS uses standard-sized and modular shipping containers that are easy to transport, saving transportation expenses and time costs oninfrastructure construction. ■ Container = IDC: The DCS incorporates all the facilities required by an IDC, and can be put to use immediately after being powered on. ■ Brand-new deployment: The DCS can bedeployed outdoors, cutting the large costs of building equipment rooms. ■ Pre-installation: All DCS infrastructures are installed before shipment, including power distribution systems, environmentmonitoring systems, cooling systems, racks, cables, and firefighting and safety facilities, significantly reducing the expenses related to the construction and maintenance of equipment rooms. ■ On-demand...
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