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Our Eye in the Sky
I don’t know if you but I have always dreamed with knowing what is in the Universe. How the American astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan said, and I quote “Somewhere, somethingincredible is waiting to be known.” At night I see the stars, stare at them, look pictures and think about what is outside of this world. Our Sky is like a window to the Universe. What if we could lookthrough that window just like we look out from the windows in our homes. For that we would need a really powerful “eyes” capable to see from really far distance and see things that nobody have ever seenbefore. We don’t know what we could find, our Universe is so big and we don’t have anything to compare it with that is really hard to understand.
For looking outside of our world we have telescopes,they are really big glasses that allow us to see through that window our home has, our sky. But they still have problems and limitations, for example, they can lookout only during day time and thereis another that causes even more problems when we lookout through that window with a telescope.
But there is one, just one telescope that doesn’t have all those limitations. One that doesn’t have tolook out through the window. This one goes outside and looks directly what is going on, it doesn’t have the glass or the walls to interrupt his view, this telescope is called “Hubble”.

The Hubbletelescope is one of the most exiting telescopes ever built, the big difference between this telescope and all the others made is that this telescope is outside the planet so it doesn’t have to lookthrough the glass of the window, in this case called the Atmosphere. That is why I decided to write about it, through this paper I will tell you the story of this telescope, what is its purpose? And whyis that being outside the atmosphere is so important?
This telescope provides sharper images of heavenly bodies than other telescopes do. The telescope is named after American astronomer Edwin P....
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