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Terrones Aldana Martha Jennifer Alejandra Huerta Gómez Rafael Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez

Lic. Alberto Suastegui Ochoa
Injustice and exploitation of indigenous trade (case Jalisco)


Historical background3

Objectives 7

Theoretical framework8

Justification 10Development12

Conclusions 17
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Historical background
The root of the State of Jalisco's society comes from the first men who came to America approximately 40 thousand years ago from Asia across the Bering Strait. They toured the Alaska and West of Canada and United States of America. The first men who came to the State came from what is now New Mexico, most likely afterfollowing the great herds of mammoths and mastodons who came to Mexico. He reached this conclusion by comparing the fossil remains of New Mexico and Jalisco. The first inhabitants were organized in nomadic hordes of the same family descent in which the head was the most skilled man.
He was the permanent existence of water for fishing, drinking and hunting, along with the temperate climate andabundance of fruits what He allowed the first settlers to find favorable conditions for daily life. This fortunate circumstances Union also enabled the development of primitive methods of agriculture, or at least permanent human settlements
The presence of permanent towns is already firmly established seven thousand years ago, initially around the Lakes of Zacoalco and Chapala, later along therivers.
The territory of the current state of Jalisco was inhabited by various ethnic groups: bapames, caxcan, cocas, cuachichiles, Huichol, cuyutecos, Otomi, Nahua, tecuejes, tepehuán, tecos, Purépecha, pinomes, tzaultecas and xilotlantzingas, pines, otontlatolis, amultecas, coras, xiximes, tecuares, tecoxines and tecualmes.
During the year 100, on the coast of Jalisco, between Puerto Vallarta andCihuatlán, as well as in the West of the entity; develops a culture similar to those of Colima and Nayarit, whose main settlements are established in Tuxcacuesco, Autlán, El Ixtépete and near Barra de Navidad. Its ceramic evokes mortuary, military and customs reasons
Already in year 618, is given the Toltec as far as the region of Jalisco cultural expansion.
To 1325, is founded the town ofAmeca facing the constant invasions of the tarascans, whose domain is evident throughout the area.
However in 1510, the natives of Zapotlán, Sayula and Zacoalco with the help of the Colima, cease to be tributaries of michoacano-tarascan, to succeed in the war of Salitre.
Twelve years despuése in 1522, Cristóbal de Olid ventured by Mazamitla and Tamazula in search of precious minerals.
To 1524,Francisco Cortés de Buenaventura explores the Valley of Autlán, while Alonso Avalos receives in encomienda the southern region of Jalisco to the South Bank of the Lake of Chapala, as well as Cocula, Zacoalco and Sayula.
Later, with the company of Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, neogallega colonization da principle, this follows the neogallega province in the 16th century until the 18th century and comprisingthe present-day States of Nayarit, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, as well as much of Jalisco and Sinaloa, and a small fraction of San Luis Potosí and Durango.
Due to the law entitled "Real Ordinance for the establishment and training of intendants of armies and province in the Kingdom of new Spain", issued on December 4, 1786 by Charles, the Kingdom of Nueva Galicia changed its name to theIntendencia of Guadalajara, and also changed its boundaries, being integrated through the territory of the today entities of Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Nayarit and Colima.
From 1810, Nueva Galicia became scene of bloody and decisive battles for the movement which gave independence to new Spain. The war of independence had started on September 16, 1810, a few days later the first news of the uprising came...
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