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Human Capital Management (HCM) Buyer’s Guide


Human Capital Management (HCM): A Buyer’s Guide

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By Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief, IT World Canada


By Sherry Fox, Research Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers

2011 Human Capital Management (HCM) Buyer’sGuide

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The Human Factor in HCM
“Our people are our greatest asset.” Almost every chief executive officer (CEO) says it, and every employee rolls their eyes. How can you be considered an asset if the company doesn’t invest in the tools that help ensure its success? When CIO Canada and its sister publications talk to senior information technology (IT) executives about their priorities and strategicplans, human capital management (HCM) is never the first thing on their list. They are more likely to cite business intelligence software that will boost decision making, or customer relationship management applications that help grow business within their established client base. More adventurous organizations are moving aggressively into cloud computing or virtualizing their data centres. But aplatform that will effectively measure and help improve the value of the people who are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise is too often treated as an afterthought, if it is thought of at all.

An Evolving Approach to Employees
“Human capital” may sound like a cold way to describe the individual staff members who collectively drive company growth, but employees are no longer merelyresources. Until recently, much of what was automated in human resources (HR) departments was focused on transactions, such as processing payroll, making changes to benefits plans, and managing pension information. The term “human capital management” evolved to reflect the transition from a transactional to a developmental approach to a company’s employees. The best HCM products and services, many ofwhich are outlined in this guide, touch upon every step in an employee’s journey within an organization. HCM solutions now cover onboarding employees, orienting them with policies and rules, and providing access to various systems. They also govern performance, either through managing annual reviews HCM Buyer’s Guide or via goal-setting tools that can be benchmarked against corporate objectives andplans. HCM is about how employees are selected, trained, coached, nurtured, supported, and moved from one assignment or role to another, ideally in a progressive fashion. All the transactional pieces are still there (and still critical), but they are only part of the story.


How Technology Can Adapt
Over time, we’ll begin to see HCM more deeply integrated with other enterprise businessapplications to create a more holistic view of how an organization is performing. If you’re tracking revenue generation through a sales force automation tool, for example, wouldn’t it make sense to correlate a decline within a specific geography with the information about the people responsible for representing that area’s customers? If a company is using predictive analytics to understand how many...
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