Human cloning and family values

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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Human Cloning and Family Values

There really is no such thing as a black and white issue. Even that statement is not so black and white. As technology progresses, the line between right and wrongcontinues to blur. No matter how religious you are, there are no ancient religious texts that deal with the issue of human cloning. So, how does human cloning relate to family values?
Again, there isno cut and dry answer, thus any answer will be based on opinions and hypothetical feelings based on the unknown. How would you feel if you knew you were cloned? How would you feel if you discoveredyou were a clone. A Weird Al song addresses this very issue, and maybe the best analysis of it in our modern society. So, how would you feel?
Personally, I think a very normal human reaction would beto feel violated. We must imagine that human cloning will be voluntary, and probably promoted for reasons of arrogance and puffing up, so maybe that is not really an issue at all. If you wanted to becloned to stroak your own ego, you would not feel violated at all. Instead you would feel honored.
We must also focus on the cloned individual. They have no choice in the matter the same way that anaborted baby had no choice in the matter. Could there exist a world where a cloned person would be considered equal? That is hard to imagine especially since one of the benefits of cloning is formedical research.
What about a clone’s reproductive ability? According to Star Trek and modern science it seems it would be very limited. At best, a clone could reproduce for one or two generations. Itis more likely that they would be infertile. Having children is a human need so is it fair to create a being that may not be able to fulfill that need? Again, so many similarities with abortion, andsuch an ethical mess. What do you think?
In Conclusion:
 The topic of human cloning is very controversial, with many opposing viewpoints. Is human cloning immoral and unethical. I think so....
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