Human freedom destiny and universal order

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  • Publicado : 11 de agosto de 2010
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Human Freedom, Destiny and Universal Order

In the book X of Laws written by Plato, through a dialogue between an Athenian and two ancient men, it is questioned why humans should believe indivinity. The dialogue begins with the conversation of the above mentioned characters about the penal law and specifically the most important crimes, as speak or act insolently toward the Gods. Theyestablishes that people do unholy acts, or uttered unlawful words against gods, because of three reasons: they believe the gods do not exist; they believe that gods exist but they do not care abouthumans, or they think that gods are easily appeased an turned aside form their purpose by sacrifices and prayers. Trough this dialogue, they establish arguments for each one of the three possibilities tomake those who think so, believe in gods. To demonstrate the existence of god, they make reference to the creation and the universal order, the relation between humans and divinity, the consequencesof have a belief about god, and finally the penal consequences of impiety.

I think that it is very important the idea through which philosophers respond to those who think that gods do notcare about human beings. They establish that there is a universal order in which human beings have an important role to contribute to the perfection of this opus and, by this way, its own perfection. Inthis sense, every man is free and his destiny is the result of his actions and the responsibility that he has because of the freedom that gods have given him.

This idea is established interalia when the Athenian says: “the ruler of the universe has ordered all things with a view to the excellence and preservation of the whole, and each part, as far as may be, has an action and passionappropriate to it. Over these, down to the least fraction of them, ministers have been appointed to preside, who have wrought out their perfection with infinitesimal exactness. And one of these...
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