Human trafficking

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This term is referred to the illegal transportation of people with the aim of making them, especially white women, become prostitutes, or forcing them to provide any other slaveservices like forced labor, or extraction of organs.
The way that the illegal organizations force these women to become slaves is by fraud, making them believe (normally) that they are going to theother country to be models, to travel (pleasure), to provide another healthy service, or with the fake idea of finding a person to marry with a fake marriage bureau; coercion (intimidate threatening,enforcement), deception (cheating, trickery), or simply just kidnapping and this is a big problem that is presented in the world, especially in Europe and is one of the issues that grows faster thanother problems.
This is an important problem, not only because it is a problem by itself but it triggers into many other problems that grow proportionally like prostitution, drug addiction (drugabuse), slavery, kidnapping, just talking about social issues. But this topic reaches the economic issues too: because it is the fastest growing issue in the world, statistics say that the total annualrevenue for trafficking in persons estimated to be between $5 billion and $9 billion. The Council of Europe says that this topic has reached a big global annual marketing of about $42.5 billion.
Thistrafficking is also very common in Colombia and very problematic. Colombia is one of the countries that is used to be a source of women and children to be in the trafficking business and beingtransported all around the world, including Europe and The United States.
This problem in Colombia is caused for many reasons, but the most common is the link that many organizations have with the terroristworld and the people that is displaced because of the violence, and that become vulnerable to trafficking is forced to move from rural parts to the urban parts of other countries and to provide...
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