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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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The scenario explained that somebody placed a call to the Seattle Times. He said that he had planted a bomb in downtown Seattle that will go off at 2PM of that day. Was a man voice, also he said that he does not have any demands and hang up. The announcement made by that man was credible because, on the past few weeks some small bombings were placed on northeast Washington, those casesnot being solved yet, in all incidents being used the same techniques a called by a man and how he stated de bombs exploded as predicted. The government agencies were notified by the Seattle Times, and they started the searching of the bomb and the bomber.
They had arrested some guy which they believe is the bomber; he is under arrest and interrogated. The interrogation is not going the way theyexpected and the suspect has not giving any information of where the bomb is. The tried all interrogations method and nothing have come out of the guy mouth. Now, the FEMA has announced that try to evacuate Seattle downtown in a few hours will create a chaos. Someone said to torture the man to see if he will say something about the bomb and where to find it.
This is what I will do at the time ofthe called been placed, when all the agencies are activated I will have teams to start searching for the bomb, team searching for the bomber, and team trying to evacuate downtown Seattle as soon the alert was activated. After we find the suspicious men I will start the interrogatory using all method of my interrogatory arsenal, but if I can’t get the guy to talk and tell us where the bomb, thenothers methods need to be uses fast because we are talking about the life of too many peoples.
If I been told to torture the man, I will have a storm wash in my head, because of my values I beliefs will be hard to hurt a person using torture techniques. In the other hand I have a suspicious where also I need to be really sure that he is the man and the voice that we are looking for. Will be harddecision, about torture a human being, but we are talking about too many lives in dangers if that bomb is in place to detonate.
I honestly speaking will torture that men if I’m told to do so, because is my job and I need to safe those people life. I’m not planning of killed him that being told I will start with something painful but not that I put him in bad shape because the purpose of that isthat he speak and tell us where the bomb is. Still a challenge for me to hurt that guy because I’m a firm believer of that no human has the power to hurt someone in any manner, even that I’m dealing with a man that is trying to hurt innocent people still hard. I need to do my job I will do it even that morally I still believe is wrong. He also is doing something really wrong and is better that onehurt that thousands of people. Is hard for me also believe that is too many people that like to hurt others in too many ways. I know that I don’t have much time to deal with this men, the priority is find that bomb, but I know those people also have their beliefs and values and that also another challenge to me, because he don’t asked for any demands when he place that call. Then why he is doingthis for? That is one of the questions I will asked him to find what is the purpose behind it. Has to be a reason why, can be from their beliefs all the way down to he just like to hurt people. Can be anything but that why I need to do my job very professionally but quick as possible, because the timeline is getting close and I still without know anything about the bomb and where is it.
This wordtorture in our society, let say here in America is a really bad word because as soon you hear it the first that come to our minds is pain, hurt or killing, because that is why we been taught by our parents, is part of our culture don’t hurt anybody and be compassionate with others and that word is hard to describe in our society. Today’s that word still a debate I read an article the other day...
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