Humankind vs. destiny

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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If you have ever heard about the butterfly effect (not the movie, but the actual effect), you must know that when he first introduced it, mathematician Edward Lorenzstated the next example: “A butterfly wings’ flutter in Asia could alter a tornado’s path in America”; although this example is a bit of extreme, it pretty much illustrates it.
It ismathematically proven that in a chaotic system (such as, ehm, life, for example), a single variation of a constant environment generates a chain reaction that causes large-scale alterations of subsequent events(if we picture the variation as a single spot, the chain reaction would resemble the waves produced by a rock thrown into a pool, that go from the point the rock hit to the edge of the pool).Taking this as my basis, I dare to state that life is not directly controlled by us. Why? Simple, there are too many variables involved. A decision taken by a single person might be determining for aninfinite population.
Let’s set an example: stock market collapses due to a series of factors I personally don’t understand. X company loses huge amounts of money and need to reduce itspersonal. It is up to the human resources manager, Mr. HRM, the decision of whom to get rid of and who to keep working. Mr. HRM decides that Mr. F, age 56, father of three, employee at the production floor,is not working properly for the company to succeed, therefore, he fires him. There is nothing Mr. F can do about it, although to him, he is giving his 150%. He’s fired and he needs to pay for histhree children education, food, and clothes, among others. Things are getting harsh at this house. Let’s say this situation affects the children and their moods. They’re not the same anymore; theirfriends suffer because their personalities have changed. The kids’ friends are being indirectly affected by the stock market collapse, and by Mr. HRM decision. Have they any control over it? Of course...
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