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Hurracane Karl
Hurricane Karl was the thirteenth tropical cyclone of the hurricane season in the Atlantic in 2010. He was also the eleventh tropical storm and sixth hurricane season formed. Karl originated in the Caribbean and slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula as a strong tropical storm to emerge into the Gulf of Mexico where it gradually reorganized to reach Category 3 (major hurricane) onthe Saffir-Simpson scale and hit the coast eastern Mexico on the morning of September 17.
On Friday morning, September 17th landfall Hurricane "Karl". On passing through Veracruz, hundreds of people were evacuated and sent to shelters that were enabled by the authorities, who estimate that more than 500 000 people were affected.
The National Hurricane Center reported that the power of hurricanewinds increased to 195 kilometers per hour, but Friday night was reduced to tropical storm strength.
The weather phenomenon killed 14 people, and another eight remain missing. According to MTF, heavy rains will recur in recent days, reports
It has been reported that several communities are under water, as well as monuments and other buildings. Silvia Dominguez, state civil defensesecretary, said that about 140 000 homes have been affected, published
The governor of Veracruz, Fidel Herrera, announced that the damage was estimated at approximately 50 billion pesos.

Where to start?
A low pressure area remained stationary around the northern coast of Venezuela on September 11. The system was moving north and then west, leading toadverse weather conditions for the Spanish and Jamaica. Convection was variable, but the September 14, circulation gained sufficient organization and the National Hurricane Center reported the formation of Tropical Storm Karl (skipping the tropical depression status and once they were detected Storm force winds Tropical in the system) when it was located about 505 kilometers east of the peninsulaYucatán.4 Karl gained strength as it moved over warmer waters with low shear in the environment and made landfall as a strong tropical storm near Chetumal in the morning September 15 with winds of 100 km/h.5
Karl gradually weakened as it moved inland over the Mexican states of Yucatan and Campeche, however, always maintained a well-defined structure as it crossed the Yucatan Peninsula, staying with atropical storm over land, also with traces of eye reorganized during the evening before September 15 is located on the bay waters Campeche.6 Karl emerged over the Gulf of Mexico during the early morning of September 16, and soon escalated to new cuenta.7 During hours of morning, Karl became a hurricane, the sixth of the season and the third to be active at the time (with Igor and Julia),maintaining an intensification since constante.8 reached Category 2 hurricane during the night of 16 September when the eye was clearly visible on satellite images, 9 and 17 overnight became the fifth major hurricane of the season to reach Category 3 with winds of 195 km / h and a minimum pressure of 961 hPa when located only 110 km east of the port of Veracruz. In reaching this intensity, Karl became thestrongest hurricane crossed over the Bay of Campeche, since Hurricane Item in 1950 it reached winds of 175 km / h) .9 It weakened slightly after reaching its peak, playing shortly before noon land north of the port of Veracruz still as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 185 km / h and a minimum central pressure of 976 hPa.9 was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the Atlantic sinceHurricane Ike on Cuba in 2008 and the first major hurricane to make landfall on the coast of Gulf of Mexico from Hurricane Wilma on Florida in 2005. Once inland, Karl weakened quickly over high mountains of south central Mexico during the early hours of September 18.

When and where it happened?
Karl's high winds that were felt when he touched land Quintana Roo on Wednesday September 15...
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