Hustoria de cuenca

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Cuenca (full name Santa Ana de los cuatro ríos de Cuenca) is the capital of the Azuay Province.It is located in the highlands of Ecuador at about 2500 m above sea level. The center of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site because of its many historical buildings.

It is alively intellectual center, home to several universities (including one founded in 1868). In its neighborhood there are interesting Inca archaeological remains and the convent of Carmen.
Activeagricultural markets (cereals, coffee, fruit, sugar cane) and livestock industry with textile plants, food, tanning and manufacture of hats.

The tour begins at the park Abdon Calderon, where you canvisit the Old Cathedral (1567) and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (1885).
In the same direction on the left taking the road Mariscal Sucre, is the Places the Flowers near the monasteryand the church of El Carmen de la Asunción. Then you can head towards the area of ​​San Francisco taking street Padre Aguirre. Here is an open place where you can observe a large sample of textilesfrom Otavalo (natives of the province of Imbabura, the community of Otavalo). Diagonal to this square will be open CEMUART (Civic Center House of Women), which features a number of crafts. One blockfrom this place, come to Long Street. While going through many museums among which are: the Museum Workshop Straw Hat Shawl (Gallery Walls) Zoological Museum Amaru (down Centennial), the Museum RemigioCrespo Toral (house assets of the city where lies the Municipal Archives History of Cuenca), the Museum of CIDAP, (Inter-American Popular Arts and Crafts), the Aboriginal Culture Museum and theMuseum site Manuel Agustín Landívar (next to the ruins Canaris, Inca and Spanish of All Saints.)

At the end of the tour is the Central Bank Museum, where you can visit their rooms archeology,...