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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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Comparison of economy of Chile and Argentina

The unemployment in Chile placed in 8,6 % during the quarter February - April of this year, what there supposes a decrease of 0,4 percentage pointsrespect of the previous (January - March), they informed today official sources(fountains).

The index of unemployment in Argentina diminished to 7,6 % in the third quarter of the year 2010, when inthe same period of last year the rate was of 9,1 %. With regard to the previous quarter, the second one of 2010, the dispossession happened from 7,9 % to 7,6 %, which implies a reduction of 0,3percentage points.

Though Chile would lose this year his(her,your) first position in the region in this indicator before Argentina, which would have a GDP per capita in PPC of US$ 15.030, according to theexperts this should to statistical differences and not to a punctual fact. With everything, in 2011 Chile will take again the leadership with a GDP for inhabitant of US$ 15.874 and closing with US$19.630 for person in PPC in 2015.

The average revenue for inhabitant in 2015 of the Chileans will overcome for at least US$ 1.200 a year his(her,your) more nearby competition(competence), Mexico,with a GDP per capita estimated for this year of 18.425. In turn, the Aztecs will have displaced the Argentinians in income I mediate for person in 2014.

Decade of the 90

The mode in the 90s wasnot characterized by a specific style, but rather it was defined as an impulse of the persons for marking his(her,your) individuality across the clothes. To this there would add the contribution of somemusical trends.

What yes is clear, is that in these years the atmosphere relaxed ochentera, typically magnificent and exuberant, to give step to the simplicity and to the comfort.

El desempleoen Chile se situó en el 8,6% durante el trimestre febrero-abril de este año, lo que supone un descenso de 0,4 puntos porcentuales respecto del anterior (enero-marzo), informaron hoy fuentes...