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This history is about two childrens who live with their father ,who is a woodcutter, and their stepmother. She was a womam who always try to separate them from their father becauseshe hated to have kids around the house.
One day she made a plan to go of picnic with the childrens, but in reality she was trying to undo of them.
While they was going to the forest, they felttheir stepmother very strange so he started to leaving pieces of bread so they can remember the way to return to their house in case of some problem.
After that their stepmother told them they haveto stay there for a couple of minutes because she had forgot the food.
Immediately she disappeared between the trees.
One hour later they were very exhausted so they decided to come back to theirhouse but. Just then, When they went to see the pieces of bread. They noticed noves had eaten them.
Gretel told hansel she felt very scared so they started seraching a house , luckily they found ahouse made it with cookies, chocolates and a lot of candies, so they decided to enter.
When they were alredy in the house they started eating everything because they were very hungry just then an oldwoman found them and ask them why they were in her house and they explained everything so she decided to keep them.
Later, while they were sleeping she locked up them in a cage because in reality shewas a sorceress that ate kids. The next day when they wake up they started yelling so she explained them they have to eat a lot of food because she is going to eaT them.
During their demurragehansel and gretel were so scared so everytime the old woman asked gretel to show her arm she showed her a bone of chicken to confuse her but one day the witch realized they were deceiving her so sheopened the cage and took gretel to put her in a big pot immediately hansel push her against the pot and she fell in there just then their father arrived to the house and gave them a big hug. In the end...
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