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  • Publicado : 18 de enero de 2012
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During a time sleeping was considered a waste of time for most of the human beings and people are looking for a special function to this. Many corporations sell recordings to theiremployees to make them heard during the night while sleeping with a record that could make them learn such as knowledge, habits or change an attitude in different situations, for example whensomeone gives orders they react with disciplined attitude.

During the in the mid-20th century many scientist found positive results about this way of learning which were mentioned for the first timein the dystopian novels Brave New World and Clockwork Orange. This name given is considered as a fancy name to this term.

This type of learning was not taken seriously with the studies of CharlesW. Simon and William H. Emmons in 1956 that based on Electroencephalography that is recording of electrical activity the scalp. But things that you need to use logic, for example, math, is betterto get well sleep and try again the problem or to understand the term because you are fully concentrated.

But to hypnopaedia researches conclude that this process is considered "impractical andprobably impossible." Because, according to the research, you can wake up during the sleep because learning state occurs only while you are awaken.

In popular culture we can find this type ofmethod of learning on books, television, radio programs, etc.

• Aldous Huxley’s in his book Brave New World they use hypnopaedia to conditioning the children.
• Another book is in Fahrenheit 451of Ray Bradbury
• A radio program from BBC called Journey into Space where the Martians use this method to make people believe things that weren’t truth.
• In “The Simpsons” in the episode“Bart’s friend fall in love” Homer use a recording that will make him slim fast instead he becomes fatter.

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