Ib business management

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IB Business Management
Rob Pierce – Coordinator and evaluator for IB Program.-------------------------------------------------
IB Language
Developed in Geneva, Switzerland.
Higher Level – More topics to cover
Standard Level – Less topics
At the end of the course there are 2examinations:
* Paper 1 (Based on the case study which will be posted on the ICC in November)
* Part A is the same for HL and SL
* Part B is for HL and SL
* Part C only for HL* Paper 2 (Based 2 are a series of short cases that are only seen in the exam)
* Students write the papers and are sent toa n assistant examinator. Grades are moderated the same as InternalAssesment.
* Internal Assesment. Students write a paper which I have to grade.
* The most important thing is to be consistent in marking.

IB Grading (1 – 7). Passing gradeis 4.
Diploma Candidates. Full hexagon, 3 SL, 3 HL.
Students getting certificates. Certificate that a student completed 1 course.

Questions for Standard Level
* Balance Sheet
* IncomeStatement
* Cashflow forecast
* Break Even
* Ratios

Standard Level
Start with Mkt

Business Strategies
Dave Hall

Hoang Paul
Business and Management

Business andManagement
IB Diploma Programme
Paul Clark


Day 2 – July 28
Many answers for a single question

TOK : THEORY OF KNOWLEDGEEpistemology: Theory of knowing
Ontology: Theory of being

Internacionalization of the class
“Doing Business in..” DVDs
Roger Axtell (Libros por país)
Gert Hofstade (libros por país)
Case StudiesGettyimages.com


All Diploma Candidates must write an extended essay. The extended asset, they have to take an IB.

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