Ice castles

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2010
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José Eduardo Amezcua Ochoa NL: 3

The movie is about a girl named Alexis that lives in a little town called Waverley, Ohio and she is an ice-skater she has a natural talent skating and her trainerBea want her to compete for the regional’s but her father don’t want her to go but after all she goes to the competition with her boyfriend nick whose dreams are to be a professional jockey playerand he goes with Alexis and she made a great performance and a talent chaser saw that she got talent and want to train her but her father don’t want to let her go with her but Bea convince him an sheleft Waverly with her .
Alexis starts training hard and she becomes a TV star because her trainer get her a promoter from TV and this guy starts seducing her and then they start dating and sheforgets about her boyfriend because she thinks he is messing around with another girl.
Then she goes to the nationals and she wins but she didn’t knew that her boyfriend was there an at the end of herperformance she got an awesome score and the audience want her to circle the ice and after that she kiss her promoter and her boyfriend sow her and walks away with out talking to her. At night theyare at a party and Alexis thinks it is going to be all about her but it is not and she gets bored and goes out side to skates in a rink and she got everybody attention and she does a triple an she tripswith a cable, she felts and got seriously hurt with a cot in her brain an got blurred sight.
After everything she comes back to Waverly and she is very freak out for her injuries and she don’t wantto go outside but her old trainer Bea goes to get her and her father take her out to skate in a freeze pound but she is afraid because she cant see and her boyfriend helps her to recover and toloose that fear and comes out with a crazy idea of taking her to the regional’s again and everybody thinks is a good idea to do it and they go and trained a lot of time so everything can comes good for...
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