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Parte 1

Preguntas 1 a 5

¿Dónde puede ver estos avisos?
En las preguntas 1 a 5, marque A, B o C en su hoja de respuestas.


A in a station
B in a café
C in a zoo
Respuesta: C

1 A in a car park
B in a school
C in a hotel

2 A at a police station
B at a tourist information office
C in a fast-food restaurant

3 A in a library
B atan airport
C in a shop
A in a shoe shop
B in a sports center
C in a guest-house
A in a restaurant
B in a bank
C in a post office

Parte 2

Preguntas 6 a 10

Lea las descripciones de la columna de la izquierda (6 - 10) y las palabras de la columna de la derecha (A - H).
¿Cuál palabra (A - H) concuerda con la descripción de cada frase de la izquierda (6 - 10)?
En las preguntas 6- 10, marque la letra correcta A - H en su hoja de respuestas.

0 You can choose what you want to eat from this. Respuesta: D

6 You usually put this inside an envelope before posting it. A dictionary
7 If you follow this, you won't be late for class. B driving license
8 People buy this to learn what has happened in the world. C letter
9 The police may want to seethis if they stop you in your car. D menu
10 You cannot travel on most buses without one of these. E news paper
F street map
G ticket
H timetable

Parte 3

Preguntas 11 - 15

Complete las cinco conversaciones.
En las preguntas 11 - 15, marque A, B o C en su hoja de respuestas.

Where do you come from? A New York
B School
C Home
Respuesta: A11 I’d like the pasta, please. A Certainly.
B I hope so.
C Do you like it?

12 Shall we eat now? A Good idea!
B This is fine.
C It’s the same.

13 What do you think of modern art? A I’ve seen it.
B I would like to.

14 Are you sure the match starts at two? A It started well.
B It's all right.
C I think so.

15 I can't do this math problem. A I suppose so.
B Let me see.
CCertainly not.

C I love it

Parte 4

Preguntas 16 - 23

Lea el texto de la siguiente parte. Escoja la palabra adecuada (A, B O C) para cada espacio.
En las preguntas 16 - 23, marque A, B O C en su hoja de respuestas.

The bear can (0) _________a dangerous animal. The adult bear is very strong and it can kill a person. Bears are good at (16) ___________trees and they can runvery fast. But they cannot see well and, (17) _________ most animals, they find food by using (18) __________ noses.

There are seven kinds of bear. The (19) ______ is the white polar bear, which is almost three meters tall. There are two kinds of black bear. (20) _______ lives in the forests of North America, and the other lives in South-East Asia. But not (21) _______ black bears are black.They may be dark brown or a reddish brown.

Everyone loves the black and white panda bear, which comes from China. Not (22) ________ pandas live in the forest today because (23) _______ is difficult to find food.

0 A is B being C be Respuesta: C

16 A climbed B climb C climbing
17 A like B from C for
18 A them B those C their
19 A larger B largest Clarge
20 A Both B One C He
21 A every B all C each
22 A many B more C much
23 A there B anything C it

Parte 5

Preguntas 24 - 30

Lea el artículo y luego responda las preguntas.
En las preguntas 24 - 30, marque A, B o C en su hoja de respuestas.

Ingrid McFarlane
Zoo Keeper
When I graduated from high school at eighteen, I got a job at a zoo as a student keeper. Now,five years later, things have changed – I have passed my exams and I am a fully trained animal keeper.
The money is not good. I only get $15,000 a year. You have to be outside in rain and snow, which is hard work, and you get very dirty. But this doesn't matter to me because animals are the most important thing in my life!
There are a hundred monkeys and fifty deer in my part of the zoo and I...
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