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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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Funding is a key factor in the success of one business. Here are some of the possibilities that are in our country:
1. Instituto de Crédito Oficial:

Instituto de Crédito Oficial is a State-ownedcorporate entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance through the Secretariat of State for the Economy. It has the status of the State's Financial Agency of Spain. With its 40-year history,ICO has become a benchmark credit institution in the financing of both SME and large-scale infrastructure projects, not only in Spain but also abroad. The institute's purpose is to boost any economicactivity which, on account of its social, cultural, innovative or ecological significance, merits promotion and development.

ICO provide an analytical and advisory tool with which to channel thefinancing operations of enterprises and the self-employed, enabling them to find the option best suited to their needs.

1.1. ICO SGR
The purpose of this new financing product is to provideresources for the investment projects and liquidity of enterprises (preferably SME) and the self-employed. The maximum amount available to the borrower is € 600,000.This financial tool is for investments(machinery, computer equipment, furniture, buildings, vehicles, business acquisition, etc.) or liquidity.
• Amount of transaction: Up to 100% of investment up to € 600,000
• Modality:Loan.
• Interest rate: Variable, 6 months Euribor plus 3.5%
• Payback: For investment 7 years and for liquidity 5 years
• Fees: a commission fee of 0.5% on the amount requested, with a minimum of 60Euros.
• Collateral: ICO requires an analysis of each request and depending on the applicant's solvency and viability, determine the guarantees and may request additional guarantee.

1.2. ICOBusiness Development 2012

Loans to finance investments in new business. Amortization up to 7 years with subsidized interest rates. The objectives are new business (autonomous professionals who have...
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