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Humanist Center PAN is a party center-right politician. Also PAN self-called "humanist."
 Traditionally the PAN humanist center follows the guidelines whichare raised from the definition of 4 basic principles of social doctrine of the Church Catholic: Dignity of the Human Person, the Common Good Solidarity and Subsidiarity. Respect for the Dignity of the Person means we should all treat each other well, offend or disturb without voluntarily. We believe that "carries" of protesters are unworthybecause they lead people like cattle to go to cheer on someone they do not know, we believe that everyone should be free to support or not a candidate without fear of losingtheir job if not support the candidate officer.    
The Common Good is the environment in which everyone has what they need to live well according to his work andability. If your work must progress, who are trained and no one should progress, not a government or a union, not a party politician, much less crime should take the fruits of theirhonest effort.   
  Solidarity is helping those who are not living as good as ours. If by accident, natural disaster or lack of opportunities in life someone digsout later and need help, we support it.   
  The Subsidiarity is to help those who strive to go forward without making them dependent, to progress in case same to that in the future maynot need help and help others. 
These four principles apply to everything: the economy, government, society, education, sport , ecology. If implemented, each will achieveprogress and live better ourselves, our children and the children of our children . MOTTO: "A neat and generous country and a better and more dignified life for all."
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