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Chapter 1: Introduction
his guide provides operating instructions for IDEeXX Digital Imaging Systems with IDEeXX-PAaCS* Imaging Software. IDEeXX DigitalImaging Systems are designed specifically for veterinarians.
raditionally, veterinarians use film and chemical developing to create and then view x-ray images. In IDEeXXcomputed radiography (CRr) systems, phospor screens replace the film. Tthe digital x-ray image is read from the screen without the use of chemical developing. Imagesare viewed and stored using the IDEeXX-PAaCS software.
IDEeXX digital radiography (DRr) systems are high-resolution digital x-ray systems that generate radiographicimages without films, cassettes, or chemistry. Tthe digital x-ray detector plate is exposed to a diagnostic x-ray source and the x-rays are then directly converted intoelectrical signals. Tthese signals are read by the DRr system and then converted into images by the IDEeXX-PAaCS software and displayed on the monitor.
he imagescreated by the IDEeXX-PAaCS software allow you to view both bone and soft tissue structures in one image with a single exposure. You can easily view and enhancerelevant areas and structures for diagnosis. In addition, areas of an image can be enlarged up to three times without significant pixelization. You can also use this programto capture images from TWAtwaINn devices, including digital cameras, scanners, and video sources (endoscopes, ultrasounds, etc.).
Note: IDEeXX Digital ImagingSystems have been tested for use with dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Tthese systems are intended for veterinary use only; they are not intended
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