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all (day, week, month, year)long | to entire day, week, month, year |
all along | all time, from the beginning |
all of a sudden | suddening, without warning |
all right | acceptable, fine, yes, okay |

as soon as | just after, when |
as usual | as the general case, as is typical |
at all | to any degree |
at first | in the beginning, originally |
at last | finally,after a long time |
at least | a minimum of, no fewer (or less) than |

by heart | by memorizing |
by oneself | alone, without assistance |

every other | every second, alternate |

few and for between | not frequent, unusual |

first rate | excellent superb |

for good | permanently, forever |
for the time being | temporarily |

had better | should, ought to, be advisible to|

in a hurry | hurried, rushed |
in no time | very quickly, rapidly |
in time to | before the time necessary to something |

little by little | gradually, slowly |

never mind | don´t be concerned about it, ignore what was just said |

now and then | occasionally, sometimes |

on purpose | for a reason, deliberately |
on time | exactly at the correct time |

out oforder | not in working conditional |
out of the question | Impossible not factible |

over and over again | repeatly |

quite a few | many |

right away | very soon, immediately |

so far | until now, until the present time |

sooner or later | eventually , after a period of time |

to back and forth | backward and forward motion |

to be about to | to be at the moment of doingsomething |
to be in charge of | to manage, to have responsibility for |
to be over | to be finished, to end |
to be up | to expire, to be finished |
to be used to | to be accustomed |

to brush up on | to review something in order, to refresh ones memory |

to call it a day/night | to stop working for the rest of the day/night |
to call off | to cancel |
to call on | to askfor a response from, to visit |
to call up | to telephone |

to catch cold | to become sick with a cold of the nose or throat |

to change one´s mind | to altern one´s decision or opinion |

to come from | to originate from, used for one’s hometown, state or country |

to count on | to trust someone in time of need |

to cut down | to reduce |

to dress up | to wear formalclothes, to dress very nicely |

to fall in love | to begin to love |

to figure out | to salve, to find a solution, to understand |

to find out | get information about, to determine |

to get along with | to associate or work well with; to succeed or manage in doing |
to get back | to return |
to get in touch with | to communicate with, to contact |
to get in/to get on | to enteror to board a vehicle |
to get out/ to get off | to leave or to descend from a vehicle |
to get over | to recover from a illness, to accept a loss or sorrow |
to get ride of | to eliminate, to remove, discard, throw away |
to get to | to be able to do something special |
to get up | To arise, to rise from a bed |
to get used to | to become used to, to become adjusted to |
to getbetter,worse,etc. | to become sick, well, tired, busy, etc |
to get sick, well, tired, busy, etc. | to become sick, well, tired, busy, etc. |

to go on | to happen, to resume, to continue |
to go out | to stop functioning, to stop burning, to leave home or work |
to go with | to match, to compare well in color or design, to accompany |

to hang up | to place clothes on a hook or hanger,to replace the receiver |

to have a good time | to enjoy oneself |
to have time of | to have free time not to have to work |
to have to do with | to have some connection with or relationship to |

to lie down | to place oneself in a flat position, to recline |

to look at | give one´s attention to:, to watch |
to look for | to try to find, to search for |
to look out | to be...
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