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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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So hey there, this is my first official diary entry on my very own lap top that i won at a raffle. All because i wanted to pass chemistry. :)
So its been a while since i have written anything (ofcourse)
its nights like this that inspire me to write stuff. that includes not being tired, sleepy usually raining and listening to music in my room all alone.
Sooo this is whats up, i actuallystarted a band, i guess you can call it that.
We've only done like two videos, the fist one had really bad quality but the second one got really good feedback, 35 people liked it on facebook. :)
oh and alot of positive comments also so that went well.

Now im planning on doing a coreography for our next video, its been like 2 months ?
since ive been thinking about it, but as soon as we get backto school everything should take action.
Ok also i have planned my life story now, with small episodes that always have a great ending at night. Have no idea why but if you want BIG stuff you needto dream BIG. And i dont mean it in a nasty way ;)
It all starts here in Cancun of course, it bases on my situation right now.
It will start very soon, i have to start off my career as a Lolita'sGrass girl then on one of my nights at the clubs i meet the key guy. This is my main that is going to influence me to work to my goal. All the details are in my mind. I know exactly what i want and how iwant it.
Everything is organized perfectly in my mind, im going to meet this guy saturday.
At the city, the club is going to be full but everything will fall right into place. I will arrive with myfriends of course, get to our table. Theres going to be so many hot guys ans girls. But he spots me, i get his attention all night. He is with his friends having a good time too and enjoying fromCancun. He walks up to me as im dancing with my friends. He smiles, i know its him the guy ive been waiting for, its not like i need someone to save me. Its just that i think its more fun with someone...
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