If and wish

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1.- If I were astronaut, I would know the space.
2.- If we working together , we would do to a much better job.
3.- If she were buying her house, I would buy it.
4.- I f I were you I wouldn`tmarry him.
5.- If I were oriental I would speak japanese.
6.-If I had Money I would buy a car.
7.- If I know her number, I would call her.
8.- If I were you, I wouldn`t buy that coat.
9.- If yousell your house, I would buy it.
10.- If I met him again, I wouldn`t recognize him.
11.-If you didn`t go to bed so late every nigth, you woudn`t be so tired all the time.
12.-If we met for lunch, Icould take you to the new restaurant.
13.- If that book weren`t so expensive, I would buy it.
14.- If we were going, we would take the bus.
15.-If you saw him, you would like him.
16.- If youbought it, you would use it all the time.
17.-If I were spending that much Mone, I would wnt something better.
18.-If you were living near the beah, youl could swimming every day.
19.- If I werejepanese, I would feel like in New York because of the big buildings.
20.-If I liked the animals, I could be a veterinary.
21.- If you visit my city, I could take you to the sources.
22.-If she could walkwithout help, she would go out more often.
23.- If he spoke clearly, people would understand him.
24.- If weren`t raining, we could have lunch outside.
25.- If I didn`t have to work, I coud meetyou tomorrow evening.

1.- I wish I know more people.
2.-It`s cold, I wish it weren`t so cold.
3.-I live in Chihuahua, I wish I didn`t live in Chihuahua.
4.- I have to work tomorrow, I wish Ididn`t have to work tomorrow.
5.- I wish I could speak another lenguaje.
6.-I wish I could fly a plane.
7.- I wish I know the answer to this question.
8.- I don`t have much time, I wish I had moretime.
9.- My computer is old and show. I wish I had a more powerful one.
10.- My job is really boeing, I wish I had an interesting one.
11.- I don`t understan English as well as I want, I wish I...
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