If conditional

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If condition

Mettez les verbes entre parenthèses au temps qui convient.


If I were you, I ______________________________ (certainly do) the same. 
I ______________________________(take) a holiday if my work had been done. 
You ______________________________ (feel) better if you go to sleep early. 
You ______________________________ (be) surprised if you met her. 
You______________________________ (be) surprised if you had met her. 
If I had the money, I ______________________________ (buy) a new car. 
If I pass my examination, I ______________________________ (go)and live in New-York. 
We ______________________________ (arrive) earlier if we had taken the plane. 
If she ______________________________ (not call) me, I wouldn't have gone to the party. 
I'dgladly stay here if I ______________________________ (have) time. 
I'm sure he would have told me if he ______________________________ (want) me to go. 
If I ______________________________ (be) rich,I'd certainly travel all over the world. 
If he ______________________________ (get) married, he'll move to London. 
I would have talked to him if I ______________________________ (be able to speak)English.


would certainly do 
would have taken 
will feel 
would be 
would have been 
would buy 
will go 
would have arrived 
hadn't called 
had wanted 
hadbeen able to speak
First Conditional
Choose IF or UNLESS
1.- She won’t know the truth  you tell it to her
2.-  you arrive early, you’ll be able to meet the customers before the meeting.3.-  she eats healthy food, she won’t lose some weight
4.- They won’t arrive on time  they finish the work early
5.- Will she be able to eat some cake  I put eggs in it?
Complete with thesuitable verb tense
1.- He (forgive) you if you (tell) him the truth
2.- We  (not pass) the exam unless we (study) harder
3.- If she (take) a painkiller, she  (feel) much better soon
4.- If...
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