Ii.6 guia de aprendizaje unidad 4

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II.6 That’s an Amazing Place!
In this activity you will talk about amazing landscapes and dream destinations.
1. Match the places withthe corresponding definitions. Look for the meaning of unfamiliar words in your dictionary or an online dictionary.
(a) Beach (b)Mountain (c) Forest (d) Canyon (e) lake
(e) It is a body of relatively still fresh or salt water of considerable size located in a basin thatis surrounded by land.
(a) It is a geological landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea or lake.
(d) It is a deep ravine betweencliffs often carved from the landscape by a river.
(b) It is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land limited area usuallyin the form of the peak.
(c) It is an area with a big density of trees.
2. From the places mentioned above, which one is your favorite?Why is it an amazing place for you? Talk about it using these questions as a guide.
Where is it?
The beach
Why do you like it?Because it’s a beautiful place.
When did you go?
I went to the beach the last year
What things can/ can’t you do there?
You can run in thesandy, you can eat fish, you can go with your pets, you can swim in the water, etc.
You can’t eat the sandy, you can’t go too far in thewater.
What kind of clothes can you wear there?
You can use shorts, tops, blouses, bathing suit, sandals, skirts, dresses, etc.
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