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Nick and tome were going to go to New York but the train was delayed, so tom decided that he wanted to see her mistress. They went to a gas station owned byGeorge Wilson, both were talking when suddenly myrtle arrived and saw tom and nick. Tom told her to meet them in New York and she agreed. They stayed on apent house.
She was calmed and greeted him in a calmed way.
He is a very hard working person and a little bit dumb also thin, blond-haired,scrawny fellow. He greeted him normally and the first nothing he mentioned was about him buying a car. By this we might say he likes money.
She firstwent with tom to another room and then she played with the puppy tom gave her and was making poses because mr. McKee was admiring her and saying that hewanted to capture her on a film with that dress.
She says that Tom cannot be divorced since Daisy is Catholic, but Nick knows is untrue .
Afterthe party at night, Myrtle and Tom are arguing about Daisy and because he was drunked he slaped her on the face really hard and he boke her nose. He did thatbecause he is arrogant and doesn’t respect a woman.
A fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens" .In this ash heap there is an old billboard on which is painted a pair of blue eyes, each a yard high, gazing out from beneath a set of large yelloweyeglasses.
9.he is a little bit shy and a very curious person. He pays a lot of attention about everything that surrounds him analyzing everything going around.
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