Ilegal drugs

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Topic: Consequences of using illegal drugs
Hook: Have you ever thought how one bad decision will change your whole life?
Connecting info: Some people think that when they will consume drugs theywould no longer have problems, forget or escape from the past and solve their personal lives.
Thesis statement: Unfortunately life is not that easy and consuming drugs is the worst decision you will doin your life because it will change it in many ways. Drugs affect your body, they bring social consequences and they bring emotional problems to your family.
A. Drugs react in the brain to changethe way the body feels and functions.
1. They make the brain send the wrong signals to the body.
2. The brain gets these wrong messages from the drugs and you feel, see and hear things thataren’t real and even do things you wouldn’t normally do.
3. Drugs make your body not to function properly and eventually they kill you
B. When you consume drugs your social life has bad consequences.1. People that consume drugs always get involved in aggressions and conflicts.
2. You will deal with the consequences of criminal acts such as robbery or murdering, and remember, you will nothave any control of all these acts.
3. You will spend your life in prison and won’t care about nobody, not even the people that care about you .
C. When there’s a drug addict in the family, everymember suffers.
1. Your family members will become anguish and worried if you will come home, if you lose your job, if you’ll be violent with them or if you got killed.
2. Your behavior to themwill be harmful because you won’t control the way you treat them and no matter how much they help you and provide you everything you need, you will rob them.
3. Your love ones will have to look forprofessional help because they will live sad and depressed because of your actions.

Some people think that it is right to consume illegal drugs to escape from their problems...
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