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Enrique Talavera

Professor Dr. John Allen

English 201

22 September 2006

Illegal Immigrants

My definition of the phrase “illegal immigrants” differs from the dictionarydefinition.

These people who come to this country do not have the opportunity to survive and to look

for a new life in their own countries. These people do not cause a problem. The U.S.,since its

birth, is made up of immigrants. Illegal immigrants contribute to the economy of this country,

working in jobs that are called “dirty work”. The citizens of these countries do not wantthese

jobs. These immigrants are not criminals. Would criminals work to survive, or look for a job?

illegal immigrants are people who arrive looking to find the opportunity to survive and toflourish.

According to Wikipedia, “illegal immigrants cross the border, violating immigration

laws. Politically, they present a social problem for politicians. They believe that illegalimmigrants affect things like healthcare, education, social welfare, and crime.” Generally

when people use this phrase (illegal immigrants) they refer to people with low social status,problematic people, and criminals. This phrase is usually used in politics and also in the

communities where “illegal immigrants” are not accepted. “Illegal immigrant”, “mojados”,

“indocumentados”(with out documents) are some of the names use to call these people who

only want a better life. These people come to work, not to commit crimes.

There are a lot of people who work as illegalimmigrants in this country and contribute

to the economy, working in places as factories, fields, places of business and some more. They

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are being hired andpaid the minimum wage, increasing the gains of the owners of businesses.

With the large number of illegal immigrants (students and workers), the businesses are

increasing in the creation of...
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