Illegal immigrants

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Illegal Immigrants

Everyone should have the chanceto live. The Illegal immigrants from Mexico into the U.S. have been a noticeable problem since 1980, but when we think about the good work done by them and their needs to feed their families, thisproblem should be reconsidered and think twice before sending them back to Mexico for no particular reason. With this people can create conscience about the people that are migrating from Mexico to abetter land of opportunity to feed and protect their families, and not just discriminate them for being illegal. In addition I will talk about the jobs done by the Mexican migrates that Americans will notvoluntarily do, and the reasons why Mexicans cross the border.
According to Adam Davidson in the article “Illegal Immigrants and the U.S. Economy” there are around 12 million illegal immigrants inthe U.S. and 56% are Mexicans, and the majority work on a low-wage, low-skill job and not many Americans would approve to work here, like he says “Critics of this approach say the loss of illegalimmigrants would stall the U.S. economy, saying undocumented workers do many jobs few native-born Americans will do.” (Davidson) but after a survey he answered, he said that the overall U.S. economyaffected by the Illegal Immigrants will stay mostly the same because the poorer Americans will have to conform with the new low wage jobs, while the rest of them will benefit because they will need to payless for restaurant meals, agriculture products and construction.
In the Article done by Deborah White named “US illegal immigration explained – Profits and poverty, social security and starvation.”She explains that the border is barely patrolled because the U.S. prefers to use the money in something with better importance, and illegal immigrants are leaving around 7 billion dollars to Social...
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