Illegal immigration

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Illegal Immigration
The flow of illegal immigrants is a very controversial topic not only in The United States but also around the entire world. Illegal refers to the lack of official documentation a person has to poses in order to reside in a country. This failure to hold documentation makes these people illegal or undocumented aliens in a country. There are many reasons why someone would choseto leave their country of birth to move into a foreign one. Even though it’s definitely not an easy decision to make, their primary motivational factor is the desire for a better life for them and for their loved ones. Other factors may include political and social instability of the country, sense of insecurity and violence, and lack of job opportunities.
Nevertheless, in every choice andaction that one makes, there will always be a consequence that follows. In this case, consequences for this type of violation or crime are severe. These include deportation to your country of birth, a record, and long-term jail sentences. Consequently, the ones that have the nerve and courage to risk their life at such magnitude must very much desire for that opportunity of hope for a better life (USImmigration Support). Specialists realize, “people have flocked to the nation’s shores, seeking the freedoms that America guarantees and the economic opportunities that the American economy presents”, and as time passes this phenomenon keeps increasing (Nadadur).
As previously stated, there are various reasons why a person may decide to engage in such a risky and dangerous decision. Many areconstantly unsatisfied with the quality of life they lead in their country and have a desire to take a little bit more out of life. Some have big dreams of financial and job opportunities that they might be deprived of in their country of residence (US Immigration Support). Illegal immigrants are motivated not by the present but by the future. For example, if they enter the United Statesundocumented and find a low skill job, as time passes by they are able to provide a better sustenance for their family and loved ones back home. Even stronger, is the desire to provide a better future to their children, because if one is born in the United States, he or she is automatically granted citizenship (Salomon). That slight sparkle of hope is what enables them to make such a hard choice. Therefore,it’s because some countries, like Hispanic ones for example, have large deficits in opportunities for their citizens is that they have a growing desire to prosper in an abroad land.
Moreover, another reason why people in poor economic conditions chose to immigrate to foreign countries is because they live in a political, social and economic unstable government and country. Some citizens blamethe government in power for their lack of efficiency. This inefficiency can be due to a constant level of corruption inside the government that doesn’t allow citizens to have a decent paycheck or salary. As time passes by, citizens don’t see a change in the government’s political, economic, and social decisions; consequently, they chose to flee the chaos, and engage in immigration. On the otherhand, in some underdeveloped countries, even social rights are either denied or unable to be acquired, like education. As the population grows more illiterate and the market starts to demand more skills for labor, including a fully qualified education, more people start to feel overall disappointment. Consequently, making the choice to flee to a place where their basic skill labor is more highlyvalued and more highly paid.
Furthermore, a sense of insecurity due to violence may also lead to the hard decision of immigration. As crime rates and violence increase, some people become scared of the land they live in and prefer to give it a try somewhere else. This is common in Hispanic countries where violence and criminality are always among the countries hot topics of debate. Regardless of...
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