Illegal immigration

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2011
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Illegal Immigration is one of the most controversial topics in contemporary America’s history. A lot of people from different ethnicities are fighting against it. A lot of families are beingseparated. People are finding different ways to try to obtain legal status, but current laws prevent them from doing so. Illegal Immigration should not be considered a criminal offense. People come from theircountry looking for better jobs, education, security and opportunities to improve their lives and their coming generations.
Government’s should not impose severe discriminatory laws. Any lawnecessarily affects many people in different ways. Many children have a legal status even while their parents do not. Often, their parents are hard working people fighting every day to give them a betterlife in U.S. than they would have in their home countries. I understand the argument that people should not enter the country illegally. Nevertheless critics of immigrants forget the contributions thatthese people provide to the country. For example, according to William McCall, Associated Press “The Del Monte workers and their families are an integral part of the Oregon community and economy, andour immigration policy must reflect this reality.” These individuals work in the farming industry doing the work that many people would not like to do, especially because they earn minimum wage.
Inpast years, it was not as difficult as today to obtain legal status because the illegal immigrant just were really helpful and convenient tool to work in the farms for lower wage, which helped theAmerica’s economy. It is a injustice that many people in the U.S. government talk about these people as if they are animals and delinquents when they are just looking to improve their lives. We need totake in count that they are 12 Millions of illegal immigrants in the country is approximately . It is a lot of controversy around the illegal aliens and more anti-illegal immigrants laws. However,...