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The death is considered the disruption of life and is irreversible for any living being. Physiologically one person is dead when not recorded brain activity and heart rate. There arecases of people where the heart beats, but the brain is dead and are widely discussed these issues can be regarded as morally the person alive or dead. But lately the medically irreversible braindeath is considered death.
At the precise moment of death in the body will begin to notice the changes: the temperature drops, blood clots, etc... Science subjects should be treated. But where willthe spark of life? Do you just die and nothing else? What about the thoughts, memories ... are in the past?
All religions and beliefs are most confident that life does not end with physical death ofthe people. But not only believe this because there is evidence that prove it, but is in the being of human feeling that everything he does is worth it, that death is not the end all, that somethingwill go beyond other life.
In general beliefs adhere to the following:
Man is composed of body and soul (dualism), and death is the final separation (finally return to the Christians) of body andsoul. The soul at that time (the person is usually aware of his death) goes to a particular place. Location will vary depending on the belief or religion.
What happens after death? It is a verycontentious topic is determined by the beliefs people have. Are there people who have returned from the dead somehow inexplicable?
The issue is not present, but that it was in ancient civilizationslike Egyptian.
In the late nineteenth century, Heim, Swiss geologist and mountaineer, he began to collect stories of others who, after an accident, had experienced a near-death experience. Theaccounts obtained by this gentleman were very similar, as is the case today, most felt a sense of love and felt no pain at all, others watched all his life in a "screen" and sometimes people saw a...
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