Imigracion francesa

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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France and its Immigration System
The conference took almost two hours, but he made every minute of it worth it. He talked about how America does not always care about what happened in France, andhow we as people almost always only care about our history as Americans, but we forget what others countries have been trough also. After summarize all my notes I came up with 3 major points: Theimmigration and citizen, the education system, and the feminism and the women fight for their rights.
The United States and France have the same percentage of immigrants, but the immigration in thiscountry has been always more remarkable as everybody wants to live the “American dream”. France is the country rated number 1 with Muslim immigrants, followed by Algeria. By 1912, with the World War IIhappening, about 870,000 French people were living in Algeria, even though in Europe the differences between Europeans did not exist, and it did in Algeria. Sadly, Muslim in Algeria did not have the samerights as citizens as the French did, and that is why they had a very bad view about the culture. Rights as sons of immigrants would get the French citizen after turning 18. Not everything in Francewas beauty, besides the immigration fact, war, bombs, massacres and death was serious problems France faced. Citizens were never happy with what were going on in the country. The army and sergeantswere in the streets, and in October of 1961 the Massacre in Paris took place. One of the saddest days in Paris, protestants in the streets, bombs and guns leaving a final amount of 2,000,000 deadpeople.
The education system in those days was so tough both for immigrants and citizens. Students were forced to do what the government wanted, and private schools were only a privilege for Frenchcitizens, public schools were designated for immigrants and Muslim. On the other hand, Algeria did not have as many private or public schools as France did. Almost all the students in Algeria had to assist...