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Shouldn't native-borned-residents of countries such as Canada and the United States of America feel pride knowing that immigrants have chosen their country as the place tostart a new life with their families because of how well structured their society is?

This is a question you will be able to answer by the time you are done reading thisessay, or at least it will raise other questions that will prompt you to do some more research about the topic before you jump into any conclusions. It will make you thinkabout what kind of impacts has immigration in societies that accept it and in those societies that don't accept it.

One ethical issue that comes to my mind from this exampleis the fact that many people don't know or choose to ignore the fact that most immigrants that leave their country of origin are well educated and/or had great jobs. It isknown that the major reason why most immigrants choose to leave their country is either because of violence or economical problems, and that the only reason why most immigrantshave to do this kind of jobs is because they lack understanding of the language and/or the system.

This creates a misconception that immigrants coming from othercountries are not well prepare or are stupid because of their accent or the way they behave, when in fact most immigrants are well educated and often push themselves harder to attainand maintain the same or a higher level of stability as those that are native-born of the
host country.
Another good reason why immigration is beneficial to a hostcountry is the fact that immigrants are known for being hard workers. More people working means more people contributing to the success and progress of the host country as a whole.
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