Immigration rights

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Immigration Rights

In this country if we have the same rights? There really is no discrimination about immigrant people? In the United States, there are many people with problems of immigration. Also, people who think that being an immigrant has no rights because these people are wrong in this county all have equal rights. Also, this people are discrimination by other people, but people therealso helps Immigrants know their rights.

In recent years many people to immigrate to other countries. United States is one of the countries with more people coming from other countries. Many people managed to enter this country and make a totally different live than they had in their home. Many people have experiences in your life for a change that may be better or worse for them. The UnitedStates is unique in the fact that we are a melting pot for so many different cultures, races, and religions in the world. Our immigrant past has also helped us mold a national character. For the last several centuries, various ethnic, cultural, and social groups have come to our shores to reunite with their loved ones, to seek economic opportunity, and to find a haven from religious and politicalpersecution.

Immigration rights are important issue because here in the United States there are many people who are immigrants and who have problems to work and to have a life here with his family. Many people who are not citizens have problems for any social activity. There is also discrimination by race and when there was no right to equality. Now, there is a right of equality before the lawall are equal. A person with an illegal status does not have the same pay in a job that someone who has a social security. National security is another problem that illegal immigrants bring to the Untied States. Most immigrants have false identifications that will give them access to many things, from getting loans to buy a house to having credit cards. And that’s when they become an issue, whenthey steal American identities to be able to qualify for those needs.

Legal immigrants bring all the positive effects that we need for this country. They will still work low class jobs because most of them don’t have college degrees so they are only qualified for low paid jobs. And this time they will actually be contributing to the government by paying taxes for the money they earn. Theywill actually be paying to send their kids to school, for medical care, and many other benefits Americans get.

The immigration into United States historically has been related with the pursuit of the American Dream and motivations associated with a better quality of life. The purpose of this paper is to analyze some of the facts related to the immigration in United States in our days. Thispaper will also analyze some of the myths that have been around the immigrant population through the years. A common argument is, whether they are the cause of the unemployment in U.S or not, and whether they are responsible for an increase in the crime rate.
Most of the migration from every geographic region of the world is due to motivations related to the search for a higher quality of life. Theimmigration to United States is not an exemption. Historically, people from the whole world feel attracted to idea to immigrate to United States because of the promise of freedom and opportunities. But in the last years, there has been an increase of a violent reaction against immigrants in United States that has lead to measures limiting the rights of the immigrants.

Many are thelabels that are affixed to the immigrant population in our days: illegal, aliens, criminals, troublemakers, etc. Obviously, none of the imposed labels make honor to these people and not even describe the conditions that cause the immigration. Most people agree that one of the main reasons for migration into the United States is because of the abundance of jobs together with the yearning for the...
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