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Immigration is the gateway to a country of people who were born or came from elsewhere. the movement of people from one place to another and these shifts imply a change of residence either temporary or permanent. immigration, which is the entry into a country, region or place from elsewhere. There are political situations and problems raised by the nearly always inevitable culturaldifferentiation, economic and social disparities between immigrants and those of the host country, The impact of the crisis in the number of immigrants in Spain
The crisis and unemployment slows the arrival of immigrants to Spain

The arrival of immigrants in Spain has diminished after 10 years of increase, it is believed that this downward trend will continue in response to the serious crisis in Spain.Spain was one of the largest recipients of immigrants from the European Union, a labor market in need of labor, from last year's arrivals flows of immigrants with a growth of around 7% in 2008, have stopped.

According to the Permanent Observatory of Immigration of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration notice a reduction in the request for residence cards in some Latin American nations, suchas the Ecuadorian community, has been reduced by nearly 4,000 cards from a year earlier.

The crisis that our country is facing and the high rate of unemployment (with few or almost no chance of working) are the two strongest reasons to discourage the immigrant when choosing destination. Spain is no longer attractive, migrants prefer other destinations!!
Immigration in Spain has alwaysexisted, but since the 1990s, a phenomenon of great demographic and economic importance. INE 2009 census, 12% of Spain's population is of foreign nationality.
Socio-economic characteristics
The wide variety of immigration in Spain is difficult to characterize common.
[Edit] Sex
The 53.40% of registered foreigners in 2005 were male, compared with 46.60% women. However, significant differenceswere found depending on the origin of immigrants:
• There is a higher percentage of women than men among immigrants from South America (53.42% women) and Central (59.42% women).

edit] Age
Most immigrants come to Spain looking for a job, hence the 51.91% of foreigners living in Spain (compared with 32.66% of the total population) aged between 20 and 39 years that 30.19% of foreigners agedbetween 25 and 34 years (compared with 17.44% of the total population) 12
Since most foreigners come to Spain in search of employment, the proportion of over 65s is scarce, anecdotal and even in some countries, while the most important block corresponds to the population of working age (between 16 and 65). The 17.71% of the citizens of Spanish nationality had more than 65 years INE 2005 census,this figure was only 4.81% for total strangers. However, this is not uniform for all countries:
The age structure of foreigners resident in Spain as a base has a little more closely, a much wider and a peak negligible compared with the whole Spanish population.
[Edit] occupation
The professional sector employed more immigrants was in 2005, services (59%) and construction (21%). In industry andagriculture, the proportion was much lower (12% and 8%, respectively). In any case, the occupation in which immigrants work in Spain varies significantly depending on nationality:
• Among the immigrants from the European Union, tends to predominate in employment in the financial sector, commercial or performance of the professions.
• Those from Latin America derive their main jobs in thecatering and domestic service.
• The population of Eastern Europe is that, proportionately, most commonly used in construction (double the Spanish and almost three times more than those from the European Union).
• The Moroccans working in a much larger proportion in the primary sector than the Spanish.
 [Edit] Causes of immigration in Spain
Immigration in Spain has a multifactorial nature....
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