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1.1Entry points
In spite of its barriers, pathogens still have several various entry points to the body. The principal points of entry are: wounds, the respiratory system, thedigestive system or the genitals.
1.2 The route of transmission
Each pathogen has a way of spreading from one person to another. This is known as its route of transmission. There are four main routes oftransmission.

1.3 Protection
Tissue specialized in protection:
Skin: covers the exterior of the body.
Mucous: covers the inside internal cavities that interact with the exterior (digestive,respiratory, recproductive system)
Secretions specialized in protection: saliva, gastric juices, mucus, and tears.
But sometimes foreign elements still manage to penetrate the body.
We havespecialized system that is permanently working to destroy or neutralize the intrusion : the immune system

The immune system defends us from any intrusion that might cross our protective barriers andsecretions
It is made up of organs molecules, and some very special cells: white blood cells or leukocytes
White blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. These cells are our defense against foreignelements or infectious agents.
Non-specific response:
An immediate response to any type of external attack. It only occurs where the attack is taking place.
1.8 Specific response:
It is produced whenthe non-specific response doesn’t stop the invasive agent. It is a specific attack.
Specific response bases itself on the recognition of pathogens . It recognizes a specific part of thepathogen, its antigen
An antigen is a molecule situated on the exterior of the pathogen .
Antibodies are released by white blood cells in order to detect the antigens of the pathogensAntibodies fulfill two functions:
1. Blocking pathogens and immobilizing them.
2. “Marking” the antigen for destruction by the phagocytes.
Antibiotics are substances that kill...
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