Impact of culture on business ecuador – china

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Impact of Culture on Business
Ecuador – China

The commercial relationships between Ecuador and China improve every day, in spite of being different cultures, both countries have learned how toact before a negotiation.
Business people from these countries must consider the ways of conducting business like, language, dress, formalities, time, nonverbal behavior and sociological concerns.Dress
Normally, formal dress is a sign of respect anywhere in the world, especially at the time of doing Business. As in China as in Ecuador, conservative suits are the norm for men and women. Blackcolor and a tie are commonly worn.
For informal meetings a short-sleeved shirt without jacket or tie is acceptable in the summer. Never use bright colors.

Shaking hands is now thestandard form of greeting in China which it is the same in Ecuador. Always shake hands with the most senior person first and make sure it is short, not too firm, and not hold for longer. Usually a manwould wait for a woman to extend her hand first.
Gift-giving is an important part of creating and building relationships in China and expressing friendship. A unique gift from the company you representwould be a great idea but you can also bring nature products or items made by wood or leather with an especial meaning. Avoid giving clocks, green hats, gifts in set of four, they are considered veryunlucky.
Always the host make a speech of welcome and toasts at the beginning of the meal to initiate the business.

Punctuality is essential, if you are invited to dinner, arrive right ontime or a few minutes early and If you are the host be there in right on time to greet your Chinese guests and remember to be prepared they can arrive up to half an hour early.
According to the Chinesegovernment they have a five-day workweek with no more than 8 hours a day and no more than 44 hours a week in the Labor Law of People's Republic of China. They also have 16 legal festivals,...
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