Impact of tourism in spain

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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← It's located at Europe, at the east of Portugal and at the south of France.

← It also has access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The environmental impactof tourism

The main problems come from the concentration of tourism in a few coastal areas and archipelagos, suffering severe shocks: the arrival of tourists means more resources and energyconsumption, more waste generated, more infrastructure to service, greater land use, more greenhouse gas emissions, etc.. Plus, in recent years, have developed a series of very profitable infrastructure froman economical viewpoint, but hardly sustainable environmentally. The hotels and residences on the beach, contribute to the degradation of the coastal and landscapes and the overflow of the localitiesreceiving.

The social impact of tourism
Tourism has a strong impact on the population that receives, which is levied on:

The arrival of a number of people with different customs, differentlanguages​​, etc., resulting in a phenomenon of cultural influence, modifying habits among local people, producing different behaviors.

The economic impact of tourism

• The employment generated andsoils occupying compete with other activities, generating "different" economic development models.
• The seasonality of tourism allows what may be called "part-time tourism" is that a significantportion of the population living in touristic places, engaged in these activities only in the summer periods, having other occupations from which to derive income throughout the year. The result is anincrease in rents.


The tourism model "sun and beach" has two consequences:

1. The concentration in time or "seasonality". The model of "sun and beach" carries most trips take placein summer. This situation implies that the tourism offer has to receive a flood of tourists in summer, while the rest of the year is underutilized, representing profitability problems.

2. The...
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