Impacto de la musica grunge en la sociedad americana

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2012
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The influence of the grunge in the American society

Hello, today im going to talk about how grunge music influenced on the American society, around the 1988 a new style of music appear with a NewYork band of young guys call Nirvana. That year a Seatle’s guy call Kurt Donald Cobain with his friends Kirst Novoselic and Dave Grohl throw their new album that introduce grunge to the musicalmarket.
The album wasn’t accepted perfectly, but made the young generations change in their kind of likes, after 1992 a new album of the group appear “Nevermind”; it was a huge success; with some hits like“Smell like teen spirit”, “Come as you are”, “Lithium”, “The man who sold the world” and a lot more.
The main song “Smell like teen spirit” was inspired on a hotel room where the best friend ofKurt’s girlfriend wrote on the wall: “Kurt smell like teen spirit”. This frase “teen spirit” was the name of a corporal lotion. The song had a video that was directed by Kurt. When MTV put it on television,was obviously that was a real success. But this video was special because, it represented the revolution that a lot of teenagers wanted to do. The people of the time specially the young people startlistening to that kind of music.
When another bands like “Stone Temple Pilots” appear and also play grunge music and came famous with songs like “interested love song”, the new generations and thenew music came to be the “x generation”, recognized from been aggressive, like drugs and music.
Other bands like Green River, Soundgarden or Blind Melon represent the basic grunge. At their momentNirvana was consider the biggest band of grunge in the world, but because they don’t play more; now some bands that continue playing that kind of music are Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Hole, StoneTemple Pilots, Soundgraden, Alice in Chains and Collective Soul. The biggest band is “Pearl Jam” that also adopted immediately the new type of music.
The influence of the grunge was huge; it...
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