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“What were the positive and negative aspects of imperialism?”

In these following pages, I’m going to talk about imperialism: the positive and negative aspects.

Before I start with my essay, I must inform the readers about my essay so they could have and idea of the topic I’m writing and in that way; they could understand better the information given. That’s why in the nextparagraph I’m going to give a little summary of what means Imperialism, according to the description given on The Dictionary of Human Geography.
Imperialism means the creation or maintenance of a territorial, cultural and economic relationship, it is usually between states and that forms an empire (that’s why the root “imperial”), based on de domination of the country that’s taking part of the place.The forms of imperialism I’m going to talk about on this essay is the imperialism that occurred on China and Africa. I will start first with the imperialism on Africa, it consisted on one thing: have more land, so they could have more money and at the same time, more power. Who were the main Imperialist Powers in Africa during these times? The answer is easy; as you could se on the map (that is onthe last page) the countries that had more land on Africa were Britain, France and Germany. So that made them, the most powerful countries during the 1800’s. Finally Imperialism on China consisted on the same thing as imperialism on Africa, all countries were powerful, but as usual people with power always want more, so they also wanted to take part of China lands, the countries that had more powerduring the Imperialism times on China were: France, Russia, Britain and Germany.
Now that you know what Imperialism means, I would talk about the positive and negative aspect that had this on China and Africa, because that’s why my essay is about.
The positive aspects of imperialism were that they gave them knowledge of different cultures to people in Africa and China. They also built themroads, canal and railways. They also showed them newspaper and established schools for them, soy they could be intelligent people and in that form, they could increased they economy and develop their country. They gave them the blessing of what civilization means. They also showed them medicine, and in that way they could learn how to use different thing so they could save many peoples life; diseasesthey thought had no cure, they now knew they could be cured, because of those people. They also improved the methods of sanitation. Also they showed them tools and better ways of farming so they could improve they work and increase they food production. Finally al those thing made a better life to small colonies that earlier didn’t have much to survive, and in that form they improved their life’sand knowing about new medicines also saves many life’s of people that lived in small colonies, they could now have a better life than before the Imperialism started.
But unfortunately, for a positive thing, there’s always a negative thing. So, the negative aspects of Imperialism in China and Africa were: they made people work for excessive hours, some of them didn’t eat if they did somethingwrong, they didn’t have compassion for some people and slap them, some of them even died for the injuries occasioned for the brutal treatments they received. They had no freedom, they were treated as animals, and they were slaves. People thought they could do anything with them, so they sell them, the stronger and taller ones, were the first to go, the skinniest that no one wanted, were killedbecause they thought they couldn’t use them for anything. Finally, as it is known, in the 1800’s the Christianity was the main religion that ruled on Europe, so for that way, the ones who didn’t believed in Lord and had their own opinions were punished until they were dead.
My conclusion about this essay is that, imperialism to me is never going to consider as a good thing. My point is because of...
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