Implementación de un plan tecnológico

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A Framework for the further development, dissemination and use of
the results of EC RTD Projects (including also thematic networks and concerted actions)


 Preliminary version at mid-term (optional, programme per programme)

 Final version before final term (contractual obligation)

Part 1: Overview and description of your projectand its results
One form per project Publishable
1.1: Executive summary (to be used for an accurate update of the programme synopsis of projects)
1.2: Overview of all results
1.3: Quantified data on the project
1.4.: Assessment of the European interests : This section enables the co-ordinator to explain the interest for the European Union (the competitiveness of its industries,the usefulness for (part of) its population,…) of the achieved results and of their foreseen impacts.
1.5.: Expected project impact

Part 2: Description of each Result - Search for collaboration through Commission services
One form per Result Publishable
This section will be used to document your result(s) in CORDIS and to inform any appropriate audience
2.1 : Description of theresult(s)
2.2 : Quantified data about the result
2.3 : Further collaboration, dissemination and use of the result : This section enables each partner – individually or as a consortium – to describe its needs in further collaboration in view of the dissemination an use of its results(s).

Part 3: Description of the intentions by each partner
One form per partner Confidential
Thissection enables each partner – individually or as a consortium – to describe its use and dissemination intentions (including a timetable of its future activities).
3.1 : Description of the use and the dissemination of result(s), partner per partner
3.2 : Quantified data for each partner’s main result

 The Technological Implementation Plan data sheets are available as a predefined form inMicrosoft Word format. The file may be downloaded from the European Commission's CORDIS web site at: or may be obtained by e-mail from your EC programme help desk or your Project Officer.
 The form should be completed electronically and returned preferably by e-mail to your project officer ( Alternatively it can be sent on a diskette tothe address provided by your Project Officer :
 Part 1, 2 by the project co-ordinator;
 Part 3 by the project co-ordinator or by each partner individually, as preferred.

Part 1 Overview and description of your project and its results


Executive summary

Please,synthesise (in 1 or 2 pages) your project original objectives and final outcome.
a) Original research objectives
b) Expected deliverables
c) Project’s actual outcome ( in terms of technical achievements or if appropriate task per task)
d) Broad dissemination and use intentions for the expected outputs (such as industrial development, standards, regulations and norms, improvement ofenvironment, health, working conditions, employment, net economic benefits, etc)

1.2 Overview of all your main project results

No. Self-descriptive title of the result Category
A, B or C* Partner(s) owning the result(s) (referring in particular to specific patents, copyrights, etc.) & involved in their further use



* A: resultsusable outside the consortium / B: results usable within the consortium / C: non usable results

1.3 Quantified Data on the dissemination and use of the project results

Items about the dissemination and use of the project results (consolidated numbers) Currently achieved
quantity Estimated future* quantity
# of product innovations (commercial)
# of process innovations (commercial)...
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