Implementation of a media aware network element for content aware networks

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Figure 1. The ALICANTE Architecture
In such a context, both CAN and NAA are of interest
both for research communities and industry, in the process
of re-thinking the architecture of the FI.
Thecapability of content-adaptive network awareness
to offer optimization for video transmission is analyzed in
[5]. In [6], it is considered that CAN and NAA can offer a
way for evolution of networksbeyond IP. In [7], it is
discussed how the CAN/NAA approach can lead to a usercentric
FI and telecommunication services. The content
adaptation issues in the FI as a component of CAN/NAA
approachis discussed in [8]. The better QoE/QoS
capabilities of the CAN/NAA architecture is analyzed in
[9][10]. Further gains are obtained if context awareness is
also considered [11][12].
Conversely,packet header processing time in the CAN
routers raises concerns similar to the deep packet
inspection techniques problems [13]. The application layer
traffic optimization (ALTO) problem defined bythe IETF
can be solved by the cooperation between the CAN layer
and the upper layer, as in [14][15].
However, no complete and open architecture currently
exists, able to support multimediadistribution according to
the CAN principles and scalable over sizeable networks
and heterogeneous networking technologies. Therefore, an
open field for research in this domain exists.
A. Layers and entities
The ALICANTE architecture, as shown in Figure 1,
promotes concepts such as content-awareness to the
network environment, user context-awareness to theservice environment, and adapted services/content to the
end-user for his/her best service experience while being
either a consumer and/or producer.
Two new virtual layers are proposed on top of thetraditional network layer: the CAN layer for network level
packet processing and a Home-Box (HB) layer for the
actual content delivery.
The CAN layer offers an enhanced support for packet
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