Importancia de los valores

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Find the pairs! Read a sentence and find the Picture that illustrates it. Click on the picture then click on the sentence to make a match.

Organize words! Use your critical thinking skill toclassify words into the correct categories. When you finish the computer tells you how many answer are right.

Test your knowledge of English read the sentence and type in the missing words. Don’t forgetyour spelling!

Develop your memory! Click on two different cards-if you find a matching pair they disappear. You can play this game in teams, with a friend, or by yourself.

Find the words fromthe unit in this word grid. Sometimes you have a sentence, picture or audio clue to help you find the words.

This game is designed to develop your ability to follow a conversation. Drag and dropthe sentence in the options box in order to complete the conversation.

This question at the start of the session gets you focused on the lesson topic.

This icon refers to internet projects whichinvolve working in group, learning from each other and having fun.

Use reference books or the internet to find the answers to these questions.

To enable you to describe people and animals bymaking reference to their physical appearance, abilities and habit or routines.

Giving and obtaining factual information of a personal and non-personal kind.

Expressing ability in the present.Describing people and animals.

To enable you to give advance and make suggestions about health and the body.

Establishing and maintaining social contacts.

Giving advice
Discussing the body andone’s health
Making and answering of fears and suggestions.

To enable to participate in conversations in which you compare, buy or sell a variety of items.

Giving and obtaining factualinformation of a personal and non-personal kind.

Making comparisons and expressing degrees of difference.

To enable you to describe your home and learn about other people’s homes

Giving and...
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