Important biograhpys american history

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Historical figures…

Name: James madison.

Who was him: President.

What did he do: James madison was the fourth president of the united states. Also a great achievement was that he was the principal author of united state constitution. He was known as the father of the constitution and of the bill of Rights, he lead the house of representatives. Madison encouraged John Jay adn AlexanderHamilton to write the federalists paper.

When: He was borned on March 16 of 1751. He died on June 28 of 1836.

Where: He was borned in virginia.

Why was him important: He was very famous not because he was president of the united states, also because he changed the form of government of the united states with some kinds of laws , writing the constitution. Also because he helped to writethe Bill of Rights that was the 10 first amendments so they make laws, they helped the citizens and give them some freedom. Then what he did so it stregnthen the constituion he encouraged john jay and alexander Hamilton to write the federalist papers, that was explaining and defending the constitution.

Name: George Washington.

Who was him: General.

What did he do: He was the politicalleader of the “new” united states, he was the commander in chief of the continental army, he lead many types of battles. He lead to the victory of a very important battle, called the yortown battle.

When: He was borned on February 22 of 1732 and he died on December 14 of 1799. He fougth the Yorktown battle in 1799.

Where: He was borned in virginia.

Why was him important: Because afteryears of being ruled by britain he and his troops finally became independence with a very and famous battle called the yorktown battle, Washington had passed by a crisis that was the valley forge, many mens of his troops had died of a terrible disease, but two years later, Washington and 17.000 french troops, attack british, lead by Cornwallis, finally Washington troops surround the british,finally Cornwallis surrender. Thanks to Washington strategy they won they independence. Thanks to his greats job as a general he was named the first president of the United States.

Name: Anne Hutchinson

Who was her: Women

What did she do: She was a puritian women she became the leader of a church. He married william Hutchinson they have 15 sons, then she was kicked out of Massachusettsbecause she believed that they didnt need a monarch government. She went with some other puritians that had the same toughts to Rhode island. Alter his wife died, she went to New York with his sons, then they died

When: She was borned on July 20 of 1591 and she died on August 20 of 1643

Where: She was borned in england.

Why was she important: Because her toughts convinced other puritians togo to a new colony that was Rhode island, it is considered as one of the founders of that colony. She was the first to establish complete separation of church, state and religious freedom, and then this colony, Rhode Island was considered as a royal colony.

Name: Frederick Douglass

Who was him: Slave-freemen

What did he do: He was a slave, alter he escaped form the slavery he was one ofthe leaders of abolition he wrote autobiographies describing when he was a slave, with this autobiographies he gain support to the abolition. He believed that all people needed to be treated equaly, either they were black, immigrants, womens…
He was separate from his family when hi was in his infancy.

When: He was borned on february of 1818 and he died on february of 1895.

Where: He wasborned Maryland

Why was him important: Because he knew what it feel to be a slave, but finally he escaped from this terrible acts, so he did speechs of anti-slavery,he gained fame as a speaker, he began his own abolition publications. Also he did autobiographies, so people knew what was really the slavery so there were less slaves.

Name: Benjamin franklin

Who was him: Inventor

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