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The research proposal lays out your plan of research for this Project. It answers the questions:
1. What is the problema being investigated?
2. How will this problema be studied?
3. Whatcan the client expect to get at Project completion?
It should include the following (use the same headings and sequence as listed
Title page
Title o the Project, client’s oficial name, contactperson’s name, date, and full names of all Project team members.
1.0. The Problem
Describe your client’s company/organization very briefly. Describe the problema, the suspoected cause o the problema,and the company’s present situation. Carefully explain why ther research is needed.

2.0. Objectives of the Project
State your research questions or research hypotheses. These should be listedand worded as exactly as posible. Under each research question or hypotheses, list the key variables or measures on which data must be collected.

3.0. Research Method
Provide the following inas much detail as posible. Be prepared to defend your methodology.
* What type of research design?
* exploratory? Descriptive? Causal? (Probably exploratory or descriptive.)
* What typesof secondary data will you use in order to clarify the research questions and/or determine your research design?
* What primary data collection procedures will you probably use?
* Definethe population from which you will be sampling.
* Specify your sampling plan. Probability or non-probability?
* Specify method of data collection. Telephone? Persona interview? Mailquestionnaire?
* Specify the types of data analysis that will be needed. The data will be analyzed using SPSS and Excel. Frecuencies, descriptives, cross-tabulations and other appropriatestatistical analysis will be conducted.
* Limitations of the Project.

4.0. Organizational profile of your team
Provide an organizational chart of the Project team. Indicate the Project leader and...
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