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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Inside the cave
Caves of Carreragco
1. Tetela is within the municipality of Ocampo, Puebla. Located in the north mountains range of the town, it's in the coldest area ofthe state where you can see landscapes and a lush pine forest, you can also find diferent laurel plant species, coffee, lime, hawthorn, chayote, chilacayote, and so on. All thispromotes a panoramic view.
2. At the foot of the hill Polocojoco; born streams over millions of years, those have carved one of the most impressive underworld art in theworld, "The caves of Acocomoca" in Carreragco. Despite the thousands of years, this cave of incredible rugged beauty is considered a "young" cave, because the minerals in theirformations are still unspoiled and white, as made of wax.
3. After nearly three hours inside the cave, cold and emotion overcomes us back. Dragging by chocks, with water up to hinecj, went out. Such is the thrill of just living that no longer even need the delicious "Yolixpa" a drink of brandy and lemon balm, that the guides usually take to preventhypotermia.
4. Trails and lush forest reach the entrance of the caves. It's so low that from the start you must be bent and justa a few meters, the water cover tightly to hiswaist. Carreragco is definitely for those who like adventure. it's considered a cave a little "technical", very cold, narrow passages, low ceilings and some maneuvers of care thatare well worth it, because what will mineral it's a true palace.
5. If they think they've seen everything, they should reconsidered. Because what lives in the bowels of theState of Puebla is unthinkable, not only is the second longest cave system in Mexico, it's the most beautiful. Step into the wonder of nature, only requires a little courage.
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