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  • Publicado : 11 de febrero de 2012
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How to improve my TOEFL scores?

Do you like to get better opportunitieson foreign countries? Do you like to study abroad? Do you like to make business with people who speak other language? If the most of your answers are positive, this guide with 5 steps can help youimprove your TOEFL scores and make your dreams true. But ¿what is TOEFL? The TOEFL is a English test recognized for different universities, institutes and companies in many countries as a clear evidenceof your English skills, the most probably when you want to study abroad or maybe get a job is that they will to ask you about your TOEFL scores.

1 Decide the date and score that you want to get.First ask yourself ¿what is the score that you want or you need? Then how much time you have for present the test, when you know this, you can know what you must to do for make it real. Put a notewith the date and the score, this going to remind you or your goal.

2 Make a schedule. Now you know what score you need, great you know your goal, but ¿what you need to do for make it real? firstidentify what are your weaknesses, decide what activities can help you. Maybe you need to take classes and different activities for practice English, take every day some time study English and assigntime for each activity. Put your schedule for remind your commitment.

3 Be totally discipline. You know what you want and what you need to do, know you just need to do and get totally discipline forget good results, take control measures like extra activities for evaluate your commitment and check the progress. If you fail, give yourself a little penalty, something fun, but something that youdon’t want to do, REMEMBER the idea is meet the schedule.

4 Begin with short steps. Is hard to get a new discipline and succeed on it, so begin with little steps and if your fail, don’t discourage...
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