Improving interpersonal communication

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Improving interpersonal communication through community service
One of the articles that I am using for my final capstone talks about improving interpersonal communication through community service.A group of people decided to make a study to determine if a community gardening project would reduce the perception, anxiety and the need to use communication devices like cellphones, PDA, textmessages, and increase the probability of joining and contributing in future volunteer projects.
Most of the time, technological advances have shown to provide a positive impact in the society and thiseffect also involve the interpersonal communication field. A latest research has acknowledged different situations and scenarios containing the abuse of technology within the field of education andthe negative effect that it creates in individuals that are related. The inevitable misuse of technology can have deleterious effects not only in how individuals relate to each other in society (i.e.,emailing someone not more than 10 feet away), but how students process information (Howard, 2007). Furthermore, primary educational foundations that have been traditionally established viateacher-student interaction (i.e., basic reading comprehension skills and writing skills) are now being challenged by technological devices that tend to preclude student and teacher interaction (Auer &Krupar, 2001).
Right now, the world is going through a technological era and not just adults, but children, become more dependable on video games, television, internet and they put aside the opportunityto do other kind of activities and losing the opportunity to interact with other people. This kind of situation is going to directly affect the personality of these individuals which will grow with alack of social skills due to this technological dependence.
A group of people was selected to participate in a gardening project for the community. In this assignment, they were not able to use...
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