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The chapter begins explaining the overall situation of the Spanish explorations of the “New World”. The story centers in the travels of Francisco Pizzaro, and his fellow conquerors Diegode Almagro, Hernando de Luque, among other soldiers, priests, political figures and chroniclers. Pizarro’s journeys started in the coast of the new continent, and then slowly entered the sierraregion, where the Incas had their main cities. Pizarro couldn’t have entered the Inca territory at a better time. A civil was taking place among the Incas, a fight between the brothers Huascar andAtahualpa to take over the Empire – due to the death of the selected heir of the Inca Huayna-Capac –. Ultimately Atahualpa won, and headed to Cuzco to celebrate his victory and establish himself as the rulerof the Tahuantinsuyo. The Spanish had already settled in the city of Cajamarca, and were awaiting the return of the new Inca. Atahualpa had sent a captain and an advisor before hand to meet theSpanish, and the Governor, Pizarro, sent messengers inviting the Emperor to dine with him. Eventually Atahualpa accepted the invitation and, along unarmed Incas, went to meet Pizarro. Upon the Inca’sarrival a priest handed him a book containing the Christian religion. Atahualpa threw it on the ground. The Indians were immediately attacked and Atahualpa was held prisoner – strategy learned from theconquest of the Aztecs –. Atahualpa being a skilled warrior and leader was asked how he could have leaped into such an obvious tramp and responded that he underestimated the Spanish.

Atahualpa CaptiveAfter Atahualpa’s imprisonment, Pizarro announced the Indians that had travelled with him could go in peace; the ones that remained were forced to pick up the dead bodies of their fellowman. TheInca proved to be a wise and clever man. Of what he could observe, he noticed the particular obsession for gold, silver, and other precious materials. Out of this mere observation, Atahualpa offered...
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